Internatoinal Measurement Equivalents

The Science of Cooking – International Measurement Equivalents

What are the International Measures?

The different international measurement equivalents were the major issue when I collected my recipes  initiall. I figured out there a lot of different international measurements for weight, volume (dry), volume (liquid), temperature just to mention a couple of them.

Then of course we have the different measurement systems like metric, U.S. and British (imperial) measure systems.

Different Measure Systems

But this is just the tipping point of an iceberg, because in cooking we have measures like a cup or a tablespoon, and in different countries they are measuered differently! For example when you read in an recipe 2 cups of milk this would be in

  • Australia 250ml (millilitres), in
  • UK 284,1ml and in
  • United States 236.59ml.

Don’t get me wrong i am not over pedantic regarding the ingredients of my recipes. It usually does not really matter at all if you add a couple of millilitres more or less into your recipe. But it becomes a nightmare when describing international recipes for a global audience.

Pragmatic Solution for Managers Cookbook

I tried to use couple of measurement conversion calculator sites but i must admit I gave up to display multipe measurement system for my recipes. It is simple not worth the effort and it reduces the readabiity of the reipes. Hence I decided to use the metric system for all my recipes and added couple of generic conversion tables on the side bar for your better understanding.

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