What is an apple tart?

An apple pie, or the regional variation apple tart, is a fruit pie, in which the main filling ingredient is apple. Whenever i bake an apple tart I vary a bit the recipe in terms of adding a vanilla pudding underneath the apples, adding cinnamon or other herbs and spices. Please also try other fruits as well.

A tart itself can also be with other toppings like zucchini, cucumber, tomato, and many more. Also try cheese, mushrooms, tuna actually put on top whatever you like most.

Before you start with the apple tart

  • Make sure you have all ingredients at home, also ensure that you use high quality, maybe organic ingredients, it will pay off in the final taste!
  • You frist need to prepare the dough as it must rest for around 30 Minutes and during this time you can prepare the apples.
  • Make sure you have your tart forms. I bought a set of 1 large (28cm) with 5 small (13cm) tart forms

Sustainable related recipes

To avoid waste I reuse the apple cores and apple peels i use them for the following sustainable related recipe.

Apple Tart – Detailed Description

Prepare the Dough

Apple tarte knead dough

Knead dough

I use a food processor to knead the dough, if you don’t have one available then you can knead it by hand as well. Just add 10 Minutes more and you will get a free workout.

First you need to warm the milk, but not too hot and add the yeast into a large bowl. Stir until the yeast is dissolved than add flour, eggs, bit of salt into the ball and start to knead.

Now add slices of butter, piece by piece to the dough and knead until you get a smooth dough.

Cover the bowl with the dough included and place it into the fridge for around 30 Minutes. This is important as it will make the dough rolling and handling much easier. Don’t forget it contains lot of of butter.

Prepare the Apples

Apple tarte cut and peel apples

Cut and peel apples

Peel the apples, remove the core, cut them slices and cut them in half slices as well. Don’t waste the apple cores and peels just use them to make an apple strudel liqueur!

This process is a bit time-consuming but you can use one of the automatic apple peeler that are available. It will not only saves time but also make sure all pieces have the same size and width.

There is a wide variety of different products, just take a brief look http://amzn.to/2q2JFMM and you will find mine as well. It will definetly pay off, try it.

Also add lemon juice to the apples and cover them up until we use them later. The lemon juice will help to keep the sour taste that will mix well with the sweet apricot jam and the raisins but will also help to prevent the apple of getting brown due.

Roll the Dough

Apple tarte thin rolled out dough

Thin rolled out dough

Take the dough from the fridge and grab a piece of it and roll the dough until it is thin (5mm) and large enough to cover your tart form. When rolling the dough make sure you have even pressure on all edges of your rolling-pin.

To get the dough in round form, try to roll the dough always from the middle to the outside, so you get it pretty much symmetric and your tart form will fit perfectly.

After placing the rolled out dough onto the tart, press it slightly into the form and cut the dough around the edges of the tart form.

You can do this process for all tart forms you might want to use before doing the topping. Make sure the forms with the dough is on a cool place as the dough contains lot of butter and will melt down.

Decorate the Tart with Apples

Apple tarte adding apple pieces

Adding apple pieces

When adding the apple toping you start from outside in circles, try to move the apple slices as close as possible together. This gives your tart a symmetric view and also make sure the apples will get baked evenly on all sides.

When you have finished the apple topping you can now warm the apricot jam and apply the hot apricot jam evenly on top of the apples. At the end you can add raisins on top of everything.

If you like you can place the raisins into rum the day before then you get an additional flavour.

As I mentioned before you can vary this recipe by i.e. adding apricot jam on the dough before decorating with apples. Another nice variation is to brush the dough with thin, hot chocolate, wait until the chocolate is coolde and stolid surface, add cold vanilla pudding and at the end the apple decoration with raisins. Just count 30 Minutes more work in and the apple tart gets much more juicy.

Bake the Apple Tart

When you decorate the tart wiht apples you can preheat the oven, so that when you fineshed the decoration you can place the tart forms in the oven. After 30 Minutes look if the tart gets a nice brown color and move the tart out of the oven.

Enjoy the Apple Tart

Apple tarte ready to serve

Apple tarte ready to serve

Apple tarte piece

Apple tarte piece

The apple tart is a very fast recipe, but still delicious. Serve it plain with a bit of sugar toping or add a bit of vanilla pudding underneath the apple tarte piece.

The images below show other variants with fresh fuits on top of vanilla pudding but also using fresh vedgetables like zucchini, tomato, and others are quite tasty.

When using vedgetables don’t forget to add some spices or herbs. Feel free to modify the topigns of the tart as my tart dough can be used for sweet and piquant as well.

Tart with zucchini, tomato and paprika

Tart with zucchini, tomato and paprika

Large tart with mixed fuits and vanilla pudding

Large tart with mixed fuits and vanilla pudding

Smal tart with berrys and vanilla pudding

Smal tart with berrys and vanilla pudding

Small tart with apple and coconut

Small tart with apple and coconut









Be creative and post your variance to this recipe, I would be interested in how you would like to eat your tart. Maybe with slices of beef, nice spice with potatoe wedges?