Origin of the apple strudel recipe

Grandmother’s apple strudel – I make this strudel for years. It took me a while to the get the strudel dough thin and transparent rolled out. Only then you get crunchy strudel layers. originally this recipe comes from my grandmother, but I changed some ingredients. Firstly to make this wonderful Viennese speciality a bit more healthy and lastly less heavy to eat. I removed sugar from the dough and reduced butter.

The apple strudel (Apfelslstrudel in German) is one of the famous dessert in Vienna. Nearly every tourist in Vienna talks about this wonderful treat. You find many different variations of the apple strudel, but I use the basic family recipe I got from my grandmother.

Before you start with the apple strudel

  • Make sure you have all ingredients at home, also ensure that you use high quality, maybe organic ingredients, it will pay off in the final taste!
  • You frist need to prepare the dough as it must rest for around an hour and during this time you can prepare the strudel filling.

Sustainable related recipes

To avoid waste I reuse the apple cores and apple peels i use them for the following sustainable related recipe.

Apple Strudel – Detailed Description

Prepare the strudel filling (apples)

Peel the apples and remove the core and slice the apple in pieces. Alternatively you can use an apple cutter/peeler kitchen tool. Sprinkle the apple pieces with lemon so they are not getting brown. Add grated nuts and raisins in a large bowl, I prefer in rum soaked raisins for better taste. Usually I prepare the rum soaked raising a couple of days in advance. In my recipe I use walnuts but you can substitute with other types of nuts.

Add the ground cummin and stir well until everything is mixed together. Cover up the bowl and stay it aside until the working step “Roll, Stretch the Dough and Fill the Strudel”.

No need to add anything else like sugar or butter.

Prepare the strudel filling (breadcrumbs)

Heat a flat pan and wait until the butter is melted then add the breadcrumbs to it. Now it is important to stir regularly so that the breadcrumbs will not burned but brown roasted. In case the are burned, dont use them as the taste of the burned breadcrumb destroys the overall apple strudel taste.

When the breadcrumbs are brown add the ground cinnamon to it. Stir again, turn off the heat and place the pan aside until the working step “Roll, Stretch the Dough and Fill the Strudel”. Take them aside and let them cool down.

Make the dough

Dough handling - Knead all ingredients together.

Dough handling – Knead all ingredients together.

Add all dough ingredients together and knead the dough for about 10 Minutes until the dough is smooth and no more sticky. Slam the dough onto the work surface in between to ensure a better elastic dough.

Shape the dough into a ball and brush it with oil before placing it into a clean bowl. Cover up the bowl with a cling wrap or crockery and place it in a warm environment (~25 Degree Celsius) for around one hour.

Some recipes placing the dough is placed in the fridge, but this will not make the dough elastic. I prefer the keep my dough warm and let him cool down immediately before use. In case you need to prepare the dough couple of days ahead you can place the dough into the refrigerator for up to 3 days. But make sure it has room temperature before you roll and stretch it to get the elasticity back.

Roll, Stretch the Dough and Fill the Strudel

This working step is the hardest for beginners, you might have to do it twice or three times until you get the approach.

Start with roll out the dough on a clean, lightly floured surface. Make sure the dough is in a rectangular shape. When turning the dough around you need to flour the surface again. Do this until the dough gets a diameter size of around 30 cm.

Hand made strudel - As this as possible

Hand made strudel – As this as possible

Then pick it up and use the back of your hands to stretch the dough. Use your knuckles to stretch from the the center to the outer area of the dough. When the dough gets bigger and thinner, put it down on a floured linen cloth and stretch the dough again from the inner to the outer. When you can read a note through the thin dough than it is ready to place the filling on top.

If necessary, cut the corners of the stretched dough to ensure proper shape and that the dough is also thin on the edges. If you are not doing this the final apple strudel will be hard in the front and at the end of the strudel as too many layers of dough comes together.

Spread the breadcrumbs on 2/3 of the surface evenly and on the other 1/3 place the apple filling. Roll  the strudel from the side of the apple filling and brush the dough after each swirl. This way the dough layers are not sticking together and you get crunchy layers. Make sure the apples are not getting lost on the outside of the strudel and roll it until the end of the dough.

Place the apple strudel now on a backplate and brush the whole surface with melted butter. If you prefer you can place the apple strudel onto a sheet of parchment paper.

Bake the Apple Strudel

Fresh apple strudel from the oven

Fresh apple strudel from the oven

Preheat the oven to get a temperature of 170 Degree Celsius.  You can turn on the oven before the working step “Roll, Stretch the Dough and Fill the Strudel” to save some time.

Now place the bakeplate in the middle of the preheated oven and bake it for around 45 Minutes. During this time brush the apple strudel with melted butter. Do this at least one or two times to get a nice brown and crunchy strudel surface.

Depending on your oven the time can vary, so look at the color of the apple strudel. In case the surface gets nice brown and crunchy then then the apple strudel is ready.

I don’t use any eggs to brush the strudel as the surface gets to hard with the eggs.

Enjoy the Apple Strudel

Apple strudel final presentation decorated wiht a bit of icing sugar

Apple strudel final presentation

Let the apple strudel cool down a bit as it is very hot in the core. For better presentation add a bit of icing sugar on top and cut the strudel into pieces.

Now there are many variations how to enjoy your apple strudel:

  • plain as it comes from the oven with a bit of icing sugar (my prefered way to enjoy the apple strudel)
  • add vanilla sauce and place the apple strudel piece on top
  • add a ball of vanilla ice cream to it