Pimm's bowle Featured Image

Refreshing Mixed Berry Pimm’s Bowle

Pimm’s berry bowl consists of Pimm’s which can be considered as liqueur has a dark-brown colour and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fuit.

James Pimm invented this gin-based drink in the 1840’s. Billed as an aid to digestion, the mixture of gin, quinine, and a secret selection of herbs, served in small tankards, became known as the Pimm’s No1 Cup. Pimm’s is a drink almost as traditional as the very British cup of tea.

CarrotCake Featured Image

Carrot Cake with Rum Raisins, Hazelnuts and Apricot Glaze

The carrot cake is very easy to make as all wet ingredients such as eggs, carrots are mixed first, then all dry ingredients are mixed, and then combine them.
As the cake is dense and moist, but delightful dessert!

Carrot juice Featured Image recipe

Sparkling Carrot Juice with Lemon

Carrot juice delivers vast amounts of vitamin A, C, calcium and other necessary vitamins. Especially carrots are rich on folic acid and smaller amounts of B vitamins, biotin, vitamin E. They have calcium, magnesium, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium and small amounts of copper, iron and zinc.

Corn Meal Pudding Featured Image Recipe

Austrian Corn Meal Pudding with Cottage Cheese and Fruits

The international corn meal pudding recipes are usually very compact and sometimes hard to eat due to the consistency. The Austrian version is very fluffy with fruit topping.

When I was young my mother made it and once I was grown up i discovered this fabulous recipe again.

Scrambled breakfast egg muffins - Features Image

Scrambled Breakfast Egg Muffins

To be honest I have no idea about the origin of the scrambled breakfast egg muffins. I saw a friend of mine posting their egg muffins on Facebook and thought that this might be a real good idea; an alternative to the ham & eggs, or boiled eggs.
What I like on this recipe is its simplicity and every fan of low-carbohydrate (low carb) will love it. They are simple to make and you family will love them, I am sure.

Delicious apple tart featured image

Delicious Apple Tart

An apple pie, or the regional variation apple tart, is a fruit pie, in which the main filling ingredient is apple. Whenever i bake an apple tart i vary a bit the recipe in terms of adding a vanilla pudding underneath the apples, adding cinnamon or other herbs and spices.

A tart itself can also be with other toppings like zucchini, cucumber, tomato, and many more. Also try cheese, mushrooms actually put on top whatever you like most.

Apple Strudel Liqueur

Apple strudel liqueur has nearly the same ingredients like the apple strudel itself. Of course without flour, oil or nuts, but lets start from the beginning. Most of the time when i am doing an apple strudel I use the apple cores and apple peels and setting up a mixture for a delicious apple strudel liqueur. You can also use the whole apple for this recipe if you like.

Apple Strudel close up

Apple Strudel from my Grandmother

Grandmother’s apple strudel – I have been making this strudel for years. It took me a while to the get the strudel dough thin and transparent rolled out, because only then the strudel layers gets crunchie. Orginginally I got this recipe from my grandmother but I changed some ingredients to make this wonderfull Vienneese speciality a bit more healthy and less heavy to eat.

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