Pimm's bowle Featured Image

Refreshing Mixed Berry Pimm’s Bowle

Pimm’s berry bowl consists of Pimm’s which can be considered as liqueur has a dark-brown colour and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fuit.

James Pimm invented this gin-based drink in the 1840’s. Billed as an aid to digestion, the mixture of gin, quinine, and a secret selection of herbs, served in small tankards, became known as the Pimm’s No1 Cup. Pimm’s is a drink almost as traditional as the very British cup of tea.

Carrot juice Featured Image recipe

Sparkling Carrot Juice with Lemon

Carrot juice delivers vast amounts of vitamin A, C, calcium and other necessary vitamins. Especially carrots are rich on folic acid and smaller amounts of B vitamins, biotin, vitamin E. They have calcium, magnesium, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium and small amounts of copper, iron and zinc.

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